Customer Testimonial Series


To help with the pre-release to the market, Lendlense approached Hatsoff to create video-led campaign to help sell the dream and lifestyle surrounding the development.


Existing customers that were in the process of downsizing, we’re looking for a sense of community where they know their neighbours and can be close to their family.


To connect to an older audience, we helped tell the story of Richmond Retirement Living from the perspective from the key experts responsible for the project with an extended video. To support the extended content, we developed a testimonial series called ‘Meet the Neighbours’ which introduced existing buyers to help relate back to potential customers.

  • Highest Record for enquiries in 1 week
  • Campaign converted 9 sales in just 3 weeks 
  • Testimonial content was a strong conversational piece at events and online. Emily Worthington

"Having something in the market that is relatable has been our most valuable conversion piece."

Emily Worthington, National Marketing Executive

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