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Discover Series


We were tasked to find a way to enhance the brand, engage their existing community and reach new audiences.


Emerging Artists, Musicians and Dancers quit pursuing their passion before they have a chance to show their talent to the world...


We developed ‘Discover Series’. A campaign focused on inspirational ambassadors in Art, Music and Dance to inspire creativity and call on emerging talent to post & share their own content with the unique campaign hashtag #discoverseries. The chosen Artist, Musician and Dancer spent time with their relevant ambassador in a 1 on 1 mentoring session.


The Brand Uplift study showed the audience was 95x more likely to search a brand keyword after viewing campaign.

• Campaign reached 18,913,600 views
• 12,532 engaged with the campaign
• Over 1,400 pieces of user-generated content
• 5,000 new followers

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