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PLATYPUS - Discover Series Branded Content

Platypus Discover Series staring Amy Shark, Alex Lehour and Parris$ Goebel seeks to find emerging new talent within Australia and New Zealand





Platypus Shoes is a brand that believes in fostering talent, developing community and people pursuing their passion. From the products they sell, to the staff and in-store experience the brand is guided by the street culture which underpins their brand pillars dance, music and art. Platypus hadn’t released a big campaign piece since ‘Own Your Style’ last year, so they had an opportunity to build on what they started in 2017.

We were tasked to find a way to enhance the brand, engage their existing community and reach new audiences. We developed the ‘Discover Series’. A campaign focused on inspirational ambassadors in Art, Music and Dance. We created a suite of content around each ambassador, to leverage their audiences, inspire creativity and call on emerging talent to post their own content with the unique campaign hashtag.  The chosen Artist, Musician and Dancer would spend time with their relevant ambassador in a 1 on 1 mentoring session and win a prize pack to further their career.

We created 30 pieces of bespoke content for each touch point of the campaign.


Extended Narrative Content


Promotional Content

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