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2019 Platypus Shoes Discover Series

Platypus Discover Series staring Broods Music, Beastman and Vanessa from Groove Therapy.





In 2018, we launched the first Platypus Discover Series with Amy Shark, Parri$ Goebel and Alex Lehours and we we’re blown away by the overwhelming support shown to those who participated in the campaign.

In 2019 we had the pleasure of working with the amazing Vanessa Marian from Groove Therapy, legends Caleb and Georgia from the band Broods and the talented artist Brad Eastman aka Beastman as this years ambassadors. The campaign calls on emerging Artists, Dancers and Musicians to make a video of their work for the chance to fly to New York, LA or Bali and spend time with their categories ambassador, learning about all aspects of their industry.

We put together unique content for each of the 3 pillars of the campaign, Dance, Music and Art, and a series of Hero iterations that connect all three in a single edit. The content served as a a fun, energetic awareness piece and at the same time included instructions on 'how to enter'. We used Meta style scenarios with each ambassador to inspire the audience to get their iphone out and create something a bit different.


Vanessa Marian - Groove Therapy


Hatsoff - Discover Series - Vanessa